Business Profile:

Happy Rock Construction was first organized by Chris Reedy in 1992 as Reedy's Hardwood Floors & Tile. The main focus of the company was to provide customers with the best customer service and installation of hardwood floors. Opening their first retail location in Paola, KS in 1997. As the organization grew, it was reorganized and relocated to Gladstone, MO. The business was then renamed Happy Rock Tile & Stone. Providing the same great service the company placed it's focus on the installation of indoor/outdoor tile and stone. Not wanting to be too far away while still keeping low overhead to provide the best price to it's customers the business was moved and is now run out of the Reedy home in Basehor, KS. In 2005 the company had noticed a high demand for residential and commercial remodeling. The company changed it's name to Happy Rock Construction.

Happy Rock Construction is a company that believes customer satisfaction. As a family owned business, the organization is founded on honesty and integrity. We maintain a low overhead to keep prices reasonable. This allows us to provide the best service to a large and growing market in the greater Kansas City area. We pride ourselves on knowing that our customers trust Happy Rock Construction to get the job done right.

BIO: Chris Reedy - Owner

I have been doing construction since I was very young. My grandfather was actually one of the first bricklayers here in the Kansas City area. Then my father followed in his foot steps. I was just a kid when my father would take me to his jobs and teach me his trade. I started out as a laborer. Eventually I joined the union as a brick layer. While I was in my early twenty’s we built schools and businesses around the Kansas City area.  While working for someone who installed hardwood floors, I became very interested in working with wood. While learning everything I could about hardwood flooring I moved to Florida and worked as an installer for a company there. I always was interested in building things. When I returned to Kansas City in 1992 I decided to start my own business. It was not long before customers would ask me to tackle other jobs such as; installing windows and doors, installing tile, and eventually framing new walls. As I learned about the different services I could provide, my business grew. Developing into an organization that can, and will, do it all.

BIO: Daniel Reedy

I started out young just going to my Dad's jobs with him. While I was with him, he taught me how to recognize the different tools and then as I got older he started teaching me how to do a lot of different things.  While I was in school, I would go and work with him on the weekends doing hardwood floors, tile, stone and brick, and remodeling.  Once I finished school I wanted to work full time for my father.  So he is teaching me how to Install flooring, build decks, and build fireplaces, remodel basements, kitchens, bathrooms, Install Tile and so much more. I have now worked for him going on three years full time.